Family: Mr. Chip & Spicy Salsa

Sire: Wa-Wa-Mai-Khal
Dam: Ha-Oa-Khoy

Ah-Pah-Ahl is a Nez Pierce Indian name; it means “May”, traditionally the time of digging house roots. Ah-Pah-Ahl loves to go for long trail rides in the canyons in North Central Idaho, where she lives on the Clearwater River. The scenery is always breathtaking, and the ride is a sweet one taken at a relaxing pace, with time to stop for a cool refreshing drink along the riverbank. Sometimes Ah-Pah-Ahl’s mistress straps on a bed roll when they go into the canyons on weekends, and they camp out under the stars in the summertime. An oat bar is the treat of choice for such sure-footed pleasure!