Family: Señor Poncho & Siesta

Sire: Thunderous Majesty
Dam: Tornado

“Lightening” is a red chestnut mare that lives in Australia. She is a Polo Pony and recently was a member of a team that played in the World Cup Polo tournament at Werribee Park in Melbourne, Australia. “Lightening” is a competitive mare with a lot of potential, handles fast, and is able to stop and turn very quickly. She has always been played by a professional and can carry the polo player smoothly and swiftly to the ball. “Lightening” has an excellent temperament and when she isn’t competing in polo tournaments roams the Queensland Outback of Australia with the master’s son seated firmly on her back. The two are very close and the boy loves to sneak “Lightening” carrots and apples. “Lightening” is quite a character. When her master is grooming her she likes to snatch his hat off his head and throw it to the back of the stall. Her ability as a Polo Pony is only outdone by her ability to steal the heart of her master’s family. They are excited because they will soon breed “Lightening” with their family in Argentina’s stallion, “Sir Poncho”.