Señor Poncho


Family: Lightning & Siesta

Sire: Buenas Aires
Dam: Tango

“Señor Poncho” lives on a ranch in the Santa Cruz province near the city of Rio Gallegos in Argentina. He loves to gallop across the barren plateaus of the region. The Argentinians love the game of polo and have raised many excellent Polo Ponies, including “Señor Poncho”. He was bred especially for the sport and is fast, courageous, balanced, and very agile – all key ingredients for a Polo Pony. “Señor Poncho” is a beautiful red chestnut horse and a true champion in the game of polo. “Señor Poncho” loves the game of polo and with his agility and speed his master’s team has received many medals in the tournaments. His master has received many generous offers from polo teams throughout the world that would like to acquire “Señor Poncho”, but his master would not sell him for the world. He loves “Señor Poncho”, not only because of his excellent record in polo tournaments, but because his personality is so endearing.