Sir Triston


Family: Lovely Lass & Twister

Sire: Tartan
Dam: Fine & Dandy

Triston is from Scotland where the fine Clydesdale breed originated. Clydesdales are known for their tall handsome presence, most over 16 Hands High! Clydesdales have “feathered” feet! Their hooves are a big as pie pans! They are as gentle as lambs though. Triston’s owner lets his 3 wee ones ride him bare back in the pasture. Triston just loves all the attention. During show season, they help their daddy by running to and fro, fetching him the curry combs, fly spray, lead lines as he needs them! The whole family takes pride in their Clydesdales! Their mare, Lovely Lass, is soon to drop her foal. No one can wait to see what the wee one will look like when he/she comes!